Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ray J Claims Kim Kardashian Cheated On First Husband & Is A Sexual FREAK

Ray J is aggravating to accumulate his career accordant afresh alone this time it's not a sex band that he is putting out there, it's a tell-all book entitled: Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray in which he dedicates a area to a babe naked 'KK'. Gee could that possibly be Kim Kardashian? Well according to the timeline (if the brand weren't enough) it fits.

There's that chat 'literally' again. Not that it's necessarily amiss but if you've watched any of the Kardashian absoluteness shows (guilty as charged) they use that chat ALL.THE.TIME. and abnormally aback it's not an adapted use of the word. For instance 'like actually I could eat a horse'. Um, okay.

I'm not afraid KK 'allegedly' cheated on Damon Thomas or that she is a animal freak. I'm aloof a little afraid Ray J is still application her to break relevant. How sad that she's the alone way he can accumulate his name in the media.

He was additionally on again/off afresh with Whitney Houston in the aftermost few years so I admiration if in his abutting book he'll be account their activity together?

Girls, what can we apprentice from all of this? Firstly, don't bluff on your bedmate and/or leave him for addition and aback he wants to blur the two of you accepting sex, durably abode the video camera in his colon, put your clothes aback on, leave and never attending back.

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